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Same Old Song & Dance: Lenny's Lair Chopped Again

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One month after its last run-in with the PriceChopper, Lenny Kravitz's sex panther of a penthouse at Soho loft building 30 Crosby Street has taken a bit more off the top. OK, a lot more. Like, 20%, to a new asking price of $14.995 million (was $18.75M). No need to recap the long and arduous history of this recently renovated duplex, but some new notes: 1) Per StreetEasy, the sizable chop happened on Sunday. 2) By Monday morning there were multiple e-mails from Curbed readers about the chop (stalkers much?). 3) At $2,500 per square foot (not including the 3,000sqft of outdoor space), the price could finally be right. Then again, we thought that at $12.95 million, too, and look where that has gotten us.
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30 Crosby Street

30 Crosby Street, New York, NY