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Burg's Metropolitan Green Almost Atop the BQE but Green

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We almost feel bad pointing out that Metropolitan Green, which is a pretty cool looking building at 439 Metropolitan Avenue in the Burg, is horrendously located near a major entrance to the BQE and almost next to an auto repair shop. It's really one of the more interesting looking buildings to go up in the neighborhood in a while and has some seriously fascinating green features. Naturally, one of them is an air filtering system, which should keep out the exhaust fumes assuming one doesn't open the windows. (Amusingly, one wouldn't know the BQE exists by looking at the location map, which features parks and that kind of thing.) We took a look at this baby during the winter when the steel on this building from Helder Design was first starting to go up. There are are two1BR units in the building listed with Corcoran at $638,000 and $890,630. Oh, and it's just a two blocks from Kellogg's Diner.
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