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CurbedWire: Meet Your New Landmarks

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Silver Towers wasn't the only thing on the ol' landmarking docket today. From the LPC's press release: The New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission today unanimously approved the designations of three Modernist sites: NYU's University Village off Houston Street; the Guardian Life Insurance Company Annex off Union Square and the Morris Sanders Studio and Apartment in Turtle Bay as New York City landmarks. It also gave landmark status to two late 19th-century buildings: Pratt Institute's Manhattan campus building at 144 W. 14th St. and one of the New School's buildings and the former Baumann Brothers Furniture and Carpets Store at 22-26 E. 14th St. Finally, they voted to landmark the Parks Department's Red Hook Play Center and Pool, aka the Sol Goldman Recreation Center and Pool (right)...and a former NYFD fire house, Engine Company No. 54 at 304 W. 47th St." [CurbedWire Inbox]