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NYU's Silver Towers Landmarked, New Building Unlikely?

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As expected, the Landmarks Preservation Commission voted today to designate I.M. Pei's Silver Towers complex a landmark. Silver Towers?on a superblock carved out of Greenwich Village?is a touchy subject, as evidenced by the Curbed commenter who said this morning: "Some of the most boring, ugliest and out-of-context buildings in the whole city. Seriously, if these are landmarked, I'm outta here." Chalk up another apartment on the city's vacancy rate! Preservationists were hoping that a landmark designation would deter NYU from building a new 40-story tower in the complex's open space, and in its e-mail update about the vote, the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation writes:

The LPC's designation report, approved at today's meeting, acknowledges the importance of the open space as integral to the design, thus making their required approval of construction of a tower in this area by the LPC in the future highly unlikely.Silver Towers is the first post-war urban renewal superblock development in New York City to be landmarked, a Trivial Pursuit question-in-the-making if we've ever seen one.
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