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Rent on Wall: Starck's Rates Taking a Tumble?

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Hark! Er, Starck! We have a new unit up for grabs at Dwell95 (f/k/a Dwell on Wall), Philippe Starck's downtown luxury rental building at 95 Wall Street, where 1 bedroom units once reportedly fetched nearly $4K per month. No more. From the source: a 1000 foot, 3 bedroom open loft is on the rental market for a mere $3,695 per month. As for what a 3-bedroom open loft is, well, let's just go with it. Dwell on Wall's September debut inspired much speculation as to whether or not teasing blood-soaked Wall Street with such an "opulent mix of playfulness and seduction" might not be, well, totally gauche. Karma's a bitch.
· $3634 / 3br - CoMe DwElL in ThIs 1000SF StUdIo LoFt/ AwEsOme FlEx 3*GrEaT AmEniTiEs (Downtown) [Craigslist]
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