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Recession Special: Try Before You Buy!

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Desperate times call for a little extra effort in the listings department. More and more condo owners are joining the rental fray -- be a smart consumer, and test their waters first. Besides, nobody's buying now, anyway. Have a rental shill of your very own? To the tipline, post haste.

What: Jr. 1 bedroom condo (a.k.a. studio)
Where: The Caledonia, 450 W 17th Street, West Chelsea
How much: $3,208, first month FREE
Deal, deals, deals!: New construction !!! For rent by owner -- perhaps that's why the actual sitch is disclosed: $3500 per month x 11 months = $3208 net/ month. Free membership to in-house Equinox gym.

What: 2 bedroom condo
Where: The Atelier, 635 West 42nd Street, Hell's Kitchen
How much: $4,850/month
Deal, deals, deals!: Name drop! Architect: Costas Kondylis; Full service, sky lounge. Pretty standard stuff, but hey, they're trying. And this is about test driving anyway, right?
UPDATE, 4:09 pm: This one's already gone, folks.

What: 3 bedroom condo
Where: Undisclosed "Luxury" building, Upper East Side
How much: $3,200 net
Deal, deals, deals!: Developer claims to be offering "huge concessions." "Complementary" rooftop garden and bbq pit, "free" fitness center -- in other words, all the stuff you wouldn't pay for anyway, recession or not.