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New Deal: The Octagon Shills Green

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Aw, look: The Octagon's gone green. Bucking recent trends in political rhetoric, New York's favorite Roosevelt Island asylum-cum-haunted development, has dropped it's former "FDR approved!" schtick for a safer, snugglier, more environmentally-sound marketing campaign. Branding the dev as a "full-service Eco-friendly Landmark building," the Octagon boasts a community garden, a Zip Car fleet, and daycare for the kiddies -- feel-good services for these uncertain (but certainly depressing) economic times. Talk about a "New Deal": We found a 2 bedroom unit listed for $3529, with the oft-dicey promise of "free rent through 2008!!!" for those who commit to an 18 month lease without a broker. When the Octagon premiered in 2005, a 2-bedroom went for around $2,100. Those were the days, weren't they?
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