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Ask Curbed: Neighbors' 'Crack Parties' Are Keeping Me Up

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Noise issues are always a big one around Curbed HQ, whether it's Inbox rants against nightlife in newly-formed residential neighborhoods, or updates on Park Avenue party churches and the Upper East Siders who hate them. The desire for a bit of peace and quiet in this maddening city can drive a tortured soul insane, or to the crack pipe. In the case of this Curbed reader, at least he'll know where to score:

I live in a 45-unit loft building. New crackhead neighbors moved in next door and have crack parties with loud crack music. On Friday, after kind of sleeping thru it, I woke up at 5:30AM with their music thumping and felt like I was suckerpunched. I won't go thru this again without taking earlier action and need a plan to minimize violence and maximize impact. Incidentally, these folks are not particularly tough or scary crackheads. My question becomes: what can I do to stop the party after 1 or 2AM? What methods are acceptable? What can I do aggressively and still have the cops on my side - not that the shirtless and zombified neighbors would want them to come. And lastly, what has been other people's experience in attending to such a disturbance so close to their bed? Some say, don't fight it as it is the culture of the building. However, when they have a party, it's like they own my apartment as their music dominates. Earplugs don't work either. Cover your ears and feel it in the belly. The water glasses were jiggling in my kitchen.

The "culture of the building" remark leaves us wondering what 45-unit loft building is known to host all-night, crack-fueled raves, but we'll put that aside for now in a bid to help this sleep-drived Curbedizen. Have some guidance? Go nuts in the comments.
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