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I.M. Pei's Silver Towers So Ugly, They're Landmark Worthy?

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One of the strangest current landmark discussions is over in NYUville (aka Greenwich Village), where preservationists want the Landmarks Preservation Commission to bestow its approval on the I.M. Pei-designed Silver Towers. But here's the thing: many people think the complex, home to mostly NYU staff and built in 1966 at Bleecker and Houston Streets between La Guardia Place and Mercer Street, is kinda-sorta butt ugly. However, they believe that if the concrete jungle (with its Picasso-inspired statue in the middle) gets landmarked, than NYU's plan to build one or more 40-story towers (above) on the property may be thwarted. It's all part of NYU's huge 25-year expansion plan (the school also wants to add new construction to its other superblock at Washington Square Village), quite famously accused of being Nazi-like. NYU initially opposed the landmarking of Silver Towers?the LPC is expected to approve the designation today, the Post reports?but now supports it, thinking they can still get something built.
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