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As the CHARAS Turns: Landmark Status Upheld

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For a few years now, St. Brigid's Church on Avenue B and the PS 64/CHARAS/El Bohio building (a former school and community center) around the corner on East 9th Street have been the East Village's endangered duo?nabe legends targeted for demolition amidst community outcry. St. Brigid's was recently saved by an anonymous multi-million-dollar donation, so what's up with CHARAS? Funny you should ask! If you recall, developer Gregg Singer bought the property for just over $3 million and has been trying to build a 19-story dorm on the property (among other things), only to be thwarted by the courts. In an attempt to strip the building of its architectural flourishes and prevent landmarking, Singer had crews hack away at the facade, and has left the building exposed to the elements. Today the Post updates us on the situation, and a Manhattan Supreme Court Justice has upheld the building's landmark designation despite the stripping away of the ornamentation. Singer previously threatened to turn the place into a homeless shelter to get back at neighbors, but since this was the decision of one judge, maybe a horse's head in the bed could be a nice touch?
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