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CurbedWire: Invasion of the Port Authority Trailers, UWS School Rezoning 'Shit Show'

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FiDi?WTF? We have no idea. Neither does the tipster who sent this photo set. He writes: "The clusterfuck that is Lower Manhattan got an extra dose of strange yesterday with the arrival of a dozen or so container offices that the PA is stacking in an empty lot (former parking lot) on the corner of Washington & Carlisle. I'm sure this has a some sort of cruel twist of fate for those stupid of us to live in the area. Maybe a million little robots with back-up beeping noises will emerge from these containers at midnight to ensure that noise is heard the ENTIRE fucking day. Not bitter at all." [CurbedWire Inbox]

UWS?This could be the understatement of the day, given the bitterness which has already preceded this issue. A tipster writes: "The vote tonight to rezone 3 buildings on Riverside Blvd out of PS 199 promises to be a real shit show." Uh, yeah. [CurbedWire Inbox]