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Is Burg's 'New Domino' a 'Done Deal' or Will It Be WIP'd?

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[Rendering courtesy of Rafael Viñoly Architects]

Will there be a humongous New Domino development in Williamsburg? Well, a contentious approval process awaits, and then, there's the issue of securing financing for the massive redevelopment of the old Domino Factory on Kent Avenue. Last year, the financing was said to be "solid," but the full price tag of the project is $1.3 billion give or take. It may no longer be quite so "solid" as it once was. are some Williamsburg residents who are still trying to intervene in the process. A group that goes by the name of "Williamsburg Independent People," (WIP) which sounds like a political party you would have found in 1705 in the Williamsburg in Virginia (and has a website), is still pushing alternative ideas for the site. One member writes: "New Domino" is not a "done deal" no matter how many times you hear people say that it is." (The old factory has been landmarked and changes approved.) They've sent applications to the Landmarks Preservation Commission to protect additional buildings on the site, including the historic Adant House, which would be demolished for a tower. And they're still pushing for alternate ideas. The New Domino would involve up to 15 buildings, 2,200 units of housing and 2.64 million square feet of space. Norman Oder recently took an in-depth look and concluded the mega-project "faces a contentious approval process."

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New Domino

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