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Ridiculous Amenity Alert: Tribeca Cruisin' for a Boozin' Now

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Last week, the Times tagged along on an entertaining booze-fueled Tribeca condo crawl to gauge the frame of mind of those young brave souls now thinking about taking the home-ownership plunge. Alcohol, apparently, is a very important part of the Tribeca market's DNA. For further proof, we point you to this Real Deal story on the lovely new boutique loft-like building at 34 Leonard Street. The building, where only five of the 16 units have sold so far at prices ~$1,600/sqft, just named an "official sommelier" for the development. Yep, we're still in an age where apartment building bestow such titles. Other building amenities include a pet spa and a wine tasting room. Hmm. We think we're detecting a theme here. And check out this fun fact:

[Sommerlier Roger] Dagorn will host one-on-one complimentary private consultation sessions with each buyer, the developer said. Once he recommends an appropriate vintage and label for each homeowner, the developer will throw in a case of the selected wine as a house-warming gift. The building has a climate-controlled wine cellar, and each unit comes with a wine cabinet with space for 300 bottles.OK, we get it, everyone at 34 Leonard will be drunk all the time. Said a spokesperson for the developer: "wine plays a major part in 34 Leonard's marketing." Real estate in 2008, everyone!
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