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Exciting News: Fourth Ave. Scarano 50% Less Ugly Than Feared

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The more than casual reader knows we follow the work of the Robert Scarano, the King of Brooklyn Architects, the way Arcade Fire fans pay attention to Wim Butler. And so, we've been watching the wrapping come off one of Mr. Scarano's Brooklyn Fourth Avenue master works inch by inch. We did have a look on Halloween, but way more is now visible. We have to say, that while it's not going to win any awards, it's definitely far less frightening than the rendering would have made it appear. Let's just call it plain fugly rather than scary as shit. It's still not ready for Rendering vs. Reality treatment, but it's getting there. (The building is formally known at Park Slope Court and its very convenient for fans of the Colonel, plus there's a Papa John's a few doors down and a 24-hour flat fix place nearby too.) Of course, Mr. Scarano has made most of the renderings vanish, but this is one we had before the Slaughter of the Renderings.

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