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Fun Coney Story: City Says Dude Knew Cyclone Could Kill Him

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Cyclone riders beware. The city says you should be aware that you might die. Seriously. Per the Daily News: "A California musician who died days after riding the Cyclone should have known that riding the rickety 80-year-old Coney Island coaster is dangerous, the city says in new court papers." The dude died in August '07 after he snapped his neck on the Cyclone. His family is suing. A city attorney writes: "Any and all risks, hazards, defects and dangers to the extent alleged are of an open, obvious, apparent and inherent nature known and should have been known." That's lawyer-speak for sorry he's dead, but tough shit. Three other people suffered "serious back injuries" on the Cyclone in the weeks before the man was killed. Interestingly, the death received little publicity. Yup, another day, another Coney Island story. And we thought the latest Coney Island renderings were scary.
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