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Money Earned, Lessons Learned & Investors Burned in '08

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Is it too early for year-end retrospectives? Not when they're as deliriously entertaining as the Observer's "The 28 of '08," subtitled "the properties that saw it all and survived to tell us something." While 2009 promises to be even more drama-filled, 2008 had plenty of action worthy of recapping, even if we're pre-Turkey Day. There are success stories (One Bryant Park), failures (25 Broad, Harlem Park), question marks (11 Times Square, Trump Soho), non-starters (Nobu Hotel, Shangri-La), surprises (110 Central Park North), cautionary tales (1095 Sixth Avenue) and controversies (Willets Point, Stuyvesant Town, The Plaza) and more. And while so much ink has been spilled over 15 Central Park West already, the Observer's take is that a building designed out of nostalgia?OK, and for making sacks of money?is now inspiring its own warm-and-fuzzies of grander times:

When work was finally over this year, New York was looking a lot different. Now the building embodies not only nostalgia for Candela's vintage properness, but for the happy '06 days when finance titans happily flung money around on epic apartments.And when their architects table danced for the scraps. What a year!
· The 28 of '08 [NYO]

15 Central Park West

15 Central Park West, Manhattan, NY 10023