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PriceSpotter Big Reveal: Lofty Living After the Facelift

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Location: 225 East 24th Street
Asking: $5,400,000

Manhattan Loft Guy Sandy Mattingly even jumped in on the comments of this completely renovated Gramurray apartment to say that, yes, it must be a loft. Interesting, a 3,600-square-foot spruced-up loft out in nowheresville? Still sounds expensive, and it is. But one person nailed it, an anonymous friend who wrote: "I'm sure they will want around 1800 per sq foot maybe around 5.4 mil., but I bet in this market they will be lucky to get 4 million.... hey its not tribeca."
· Listing: 225 East 25th Street [Corcoran]
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225 East 24th Street

225 East 24th Street, New York, NY