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Free Ice at Jackson Square for Limited Time Only

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Jackson Square, the small sliver of a Greenwich Village park getting a big clean-up brought to you by the luxury condo across the street and, uh, Armani, is currently a winter wonderland. Vanishing New York happened on this scene yesterday and writes:

With a beautifully frozen fountain and treacherous patches of ice here and there, City Parks Department workers came out to sprinkle bags of salt. Like busy elves, the ample team of about 10 workers criss-crossed the tiny park with salt, so visitors (and potential condo investors) can safely enjoy their lunch and partake of free WiFi, 20-degree weather be damned.When reached for comment, the crazy pigeon lady said "I'M EATING YOUR SOUL!"
· Jackson on Ice [Vanishing New York]

One Jackson Square

122 Greenwich Ave, New York, NY 10006