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Pier 57 Proposals Released: More Hijinx on the Hudson!

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Earlier we had a first look at the three bids competing for the commercial development of Pier 57 along the Hudson River at 15th Street, and we wondered aloud if?given the recent failings of pier proposals in the Hudson River Park?new proposals could still get our pulse racing. Well now that the bids, from developers YoungWoo & Associates, Related and the Durst Organization, have been released for public consumption, we can say we're mildly intrigued. Hey, who doesn't like pretty pictures, right? The details of each proposal were summarized in the earlier post (each has retail, park space, entertainment options, parking, etc.), so we went through the proposals and just grabbed our favorite renderings and tossed them up above. That first image is from the YoungWoo bid, designed by LOT-EK. Click through and decide on your favorite Pier 57 proposal, then sit idly by as it never gets built.
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