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11 Spring Update: Buy All Three and Save, Save, SAVE!

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For months, Corcoran superbroker Robby Browne said the reason the three condos in the painfully-gorgeous 11 Spring Street?formerly the graffiti-covered Candle Building and briefly owned by Lachlan Murdoch?weren't selling was because of the heavy construction on the newly-converted building. "Nobody can go inside and see how fantastic they will be," he told the Sun (R.I.P.) back in March. But major work on the former Nolita mystery building has been done for a while, and indeed, we've had glimpses of the fantasticosity that lies within. So what gives?

You'll have to direct that question to the Core Group's Jennifer Ireland, who is now listing the building as of this week. But here's a hint: price. In sum, the three apartments were previously asking $39.8 million. As a single-family mansion, that price is now $36.5 million. Individual listings for the three units?the "Carriage House," the "Loft" and the "Penthouse"?haven't popped up yet (but we're told they're on the way), so we're not sure about the pricechop-per-apartment numbers. For now, let's look at it as a bulk purchase discount. There are fresh new interior pics to ogle on the Core listing, so get to ogling!
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11 Spring Street

11 Spring Street, New York, NY 10012