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Cobble Hill Mews: Yes, We Have No Cabanas

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What's the world coming to when someone renting a luxe apartment next to the Brooklyn Trader Joe's can't have a cabana? Yet, that's the situation at David Walentas' Cobble Hill Mews on Atlantic Avenue where an epic battle has been fought over ten extra feet atop the building and whether the stuff up there are stairwells or, uh, cabanas. The Department of Buildings, reports the Cobble Hill Blog, has decided they are cabanas. (We can only imagine the amount of thought and careful consideration that went into solving this mystery.) Officials from the Cobble Hill Association, which has waged war against the height of the building and the stairwells cabanas, went to an open house and found:

...the marketing material clearly says ‘PENTHOUSE’. And yes, the very same structure was called ‘STAIR BULKEAD’ on the plans. That means that Two Trees flat-out lied to the city by submitting a set of dummy official plans. Naturally, we sent the document to DOB.Apparently, someone at DOB knows the difference between stairs and cabanas, but the resolution is TBD.
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