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Bloomberg Not Ready to Concede Property Tax Rebate War

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Meow! Forget contentious rezonings, term limits, that kind-of-annoying Olympics bid and his hatred of Shoot the Freak?will it be these darned $400 property tax rebate checks that sully Mayor Bloomberg's rep in the hearts and minds of New Yorkers? After announcing that some 600,000 condo, co-op and homeowners wouldn't be getting the checks this fiscal year because of budget concerns, a slightly embarrassed Bloomberg administration had to backtrack when it was revealed the City Council actually had to grant permission for such a move?and since a lot of folks are pissed about the cancellation, that isn't going to happen. Now Bloomberg is getting a little uppity, suggesting he'll refuse to send out the checks (which were supposed to be sent in October). Cue the back-and-forth bickering with the City Council over the $256 million rebate program, which has many saying that Rich Man Bloomberg (the guy simply cannot stop buying Upper East Side townhouses) doesn't understand what $400 means to many homeowners. Sure he does: a Christmas bonus for the live-in sommelier, right?
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