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The Dumbest Williamsburg Condo Sales Ploy Freaking Ever

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We thought we'd seen it all in the Williamsburg real estate game, but we must confess: we have not. Because we had never seen the dumbest marketing ploy ever on a Burg condo. Until today. The property in question is 444 Humboldt Street, Unit 5. Here's the pitch: "Get a $25,000 Gift Card! Yes, as simple as that: own this beautiful two bedroom / two bathroom with a private terrace and enjoy a $25,000 gift card. Use it for your new furniture, your new entertainment system or just take a trip around the world. You choose - we pay for it!" Great idea right. Uh, maybe not, because Streeteasy shows the unit price was raised by $26,000 twelve weeks ago. You are not seeing things. So, actually, you end up $1,000 short on the deal. (The unit has a complicated price history. It debuted at $739,000 a year ago, then was PriceChopped to $649,000 by this August and then PriceUpped to $675K 12 weeks ago.) There is a vibrant discussion on Streeteasy too, but we'll just include this one comment that resonates: "Yeah, and don't forget to call 1-800-ASSHOLE and we'll throw in a set of ginsu knives absolutely FREE! But hurry, this limited time offer won't last." Dumbest. Fucking. Thing. Ever.
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