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Eater Tastings: Inside City Winery, Ago-a-Uh-Oh, More!

This week's top dish from Eater, Curbed's restaurant, bar, and nightlife blog...

1) Hudson Square: The City Winery (above), a winery/tapas joint/cheese bar/concert venue across the street from the Trump Soho, will open to the public on New Year's Eve. There's a lot to explain.

2) Tribeca: A shocker down at Robert De Niro's Greenwich Hotel, where rumors are swirling that the poorly-reviewed Italian eatery Ago is a goner, and celebrichef Jean-Georges Vongerichten might take the reins?

3) FiDi: A peek at the John Street building that will be the home of Manhattan's Grimaldi's outpost, which will probably suck, according to Grimaldi's themselves.

4) Union Square: One year in, the big guns behind Irving Mill open up about identity crises, chef changes, upcoming tweaks and a potential sister restaurant.

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