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Rotting Burg Wythe Avenue Scarano Corpse on the Market

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This is an old industrial building at Wythe Avenue and N. 9 in Williamsburg on which work was proceeding at such a fast and furious pace at one point that there appeared to be a lot of, you know, alleged illegal after-hours and weekend work going on. It was known then as the Wythe Avenue Lofts. And, then, suddenly, everything came to a grinding halt and a Stop Work Order has been in place for more than two years. Trees started growing out the windows (which have since been cut) and the scaffolding has been in danger of collapsing and killing someone for a long time, except that few people ever walk up that part of N. 9 Street. The redesign, with the ever-popular rooftop penthouse addition is from the workshop of Robert Scarano, and renderings are still on his website. The building was supposed to have 56 units. Curiously, it's now listed for sale on not one, but two sites. Here, it shows up as being on the market for $12 million. Grenier-Maltz also has it listed as being the exclusive agent with approved plans and Scarano renderings but no price. Will someone bite? Who's actually selling it? Will the scaffolding collapse? Will the building get more tagged up? With the thing on top rot and fall down? Stay tuned.
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Wythe Avenue Lofts

224 Wythe Avenue, Brooklyn, NY