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Reader Rant: Grand Street Bike Lane is a Honkin' Good Time

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The Grand Street bike lane is the raging controversy New York City needs...on a slow news day. The scourge of Soho, Chinatown and Little Italy made its grand (heh.) Curbed debut this morning, via a Villager story on business owners decrying the green giant's impact on customer/tourist migration patterns, as well as added strain on delivery trucks, fire trucks, and trucks of all kind. The responses in the comments, representing both sides of the debate, have been colorful to say the least. But one Curbed reader?who appears to have just spilled out of Lucky Strike based on his accompanying photo (glug glug)?e-mails with a plea. A call for action, really:

In response to the new bike lane on grand and w. broadway, the tour busses are having a hard time making the turn onto grand st. and get boxed in by traffic causing grid lock. The noise from the honking horns is LOUD! Maybe they should install some DON'T HONK $350 PENALTY signs that are never enforced! And take down the NO STOPPING ANYTIME signs. Let's go D.O.T. get on it!They would, but the service truck can't get through.
· Grand Street Bike Lane Keeping the Tourists Away? [Curbed]