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Rent/Buy: Choose Your Own Chelsea Art Adventure

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Let's just clear up any confusion that may have arisen after glancing at the above: this is not an open loft. Repeat: This 4,000-square-foot behemoth in Chelsea (Sixth Avenue and 26th Street) with the massive living space also holds four separate bedrooms and 2.5 baths. No doorman, but it's got a private keyed elevator (plus a freight elevator for all those oversize canvases), additional library space and art storage. In case the picture hasn't yet painted itself, allow us to clarify once more: an artist and collector couple lives here now -- names aren't being named, but it's safe to assume that you'll rubbing elbows with the cultural elite should you elect to rent this space for $13,000 per month. Unless, of course, the unit hits the market for, say, $3.4 million -- which it will. Very, very soon. Art market be damned!
· $13000 / 4br - EPIC 4000 SQUARE FOOT PALACE [Craigslist/CitiHabitats]