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CurbedWire: East Houston Smoothed, Dey is OK, More Apthorp Adventures

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LES?Yes this is actually East Houston Street and it is really paved as was noted on Friday. Per our special correspondent and photographer: "My God, the construction work is finally done. Just waiting on sidewalk painting." It only took about 100 years, but it was definitely worth the wait. Right? [CurbedWire Inbox]

FIDI?Speaking of, uh, streets, the MTA sent out a release today noting that it's reopening Dey Street to traffic between Broadway and Church Street. It's been closed since October 2005 to build a passageway from the someday-to-be-completed Fulton Transit Center and the WTC PATH station. [CurbedWire Inbox]

UWS?The parking garage at the legendary Apthorp, which was closed due to structural reasons (though some saw chicanery involving the building's pending condo conversion) but stayed open in a complex car-farming-out parking operation thing, is causing more headaches. Per a tipster: "Last Monday, owners who came to pick up their cars found that the garage was completely boarded up and the site was vacant. When reached by phone, the garage operator stated that she was too busy to notify all the owners that their cars were now homeless. The garage did manage to charge tenants for their monthly parking fees, however." Oof. [CurbedWire Inbox]

Apthorp Building

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