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Clarett Taking a Break at Controversial Carroll Gardens Project?

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Followers of the happy corner of South Brooklyn known as Carroll Gardens will recall the big stink about Clarett Group's purchase of the former Long Island College Hospital building at 340 Court Street, its demolition and plans to build a Rogers Marvel condo building that was received by many with all the enthusiasm of a 300 pound turd left by King Kong in front of Marco Polo Restaurant. So what's up? Apparently, not much, right now. The developer tore down the old building, dug a huge hole, poured a foundation for it building and has sort of pulled back from the "Collection at Court Street," according to local blogger PMFA, who says the project is at "a virtual stand-still."

Here's what PMFA writes:

It now appears that Clarett is closing down the project while they "work out some details." For how long? That's anyone's guess, but it has been suggested that it could be as long as four to five months ( maybe even indefinitely ?) One could imagine that the new economic reality has caught up with Clarett. Perhaps the developer is too busy working on the Starrett City deal. Though Carroll Gardeners never warmed to the over-sized, somber looking Rogers Marvel designed project, they also never signed up for a huge hole in the middle of their neighborhood.Hey, it could just be Thanksgiving break. But if not, up next: a running list of complaints about how the developer has blighted Court Street. Fun for 2009!!!
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