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'Warm Cozy Cheap Rooms' for $500/month in Greenpoint!!!

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These fliers have been plastered over Greenpoint in the last week or so. Who can pass, after all, given the cost of housing, on "warm cozy cheap rooms" for $500 a month including utilities? The catch? Uh, to put this...the cozy rooms are at the notorious (and we do mean notorious in the most noxious sense of the word) Greenpoint Hotel, which has long been known for the wide variety of crack and heroin brands available throughout. (You know, for that inner warm and cozy feeling.) There's some priceless background on the place from a few years ago here. The ads are apparently all over Craigslist too (for instance this and this) and Miss Heather over at New York Shitty, who reports a recent serious upswing in the number of FDNY EMS visits to the place perhaps because people are getting too cozy has even put up a flickr set of screencaps of the CL ads. Hyfreakingsterical.

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