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WTC Special Report #1: Freedom Tower Rises

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Is construction at the World Trade Center finally humming along? It would appear so! Following the Port Authority's new-and-improved plan of action, Curbed dispatched a recon team for an on-site progress check. Here's the first in a four-part constructoporn report. Next up: the Transportation Hub.

Sweet, sweet Freedom Tower: One day, we will see your spire climb all the way up to 1,776 gloriously patriotic feet. Not until the fourth quarter of 2013, however, if the Port Authority's most recent progress update is to be believed. With construction costs on the rise, the David Childs-designed tower will cost $3.1 billion. (Within 7% of the original estimate. Bargain!) Bonus fun fact: over 13,000 cubic yards of concrete have already been poured down the Freedom Tower's throat, though that number is likely higher by now. And now that the concrete's a flowin', the real challenge will be finding tenants to fill that 2.6 million square feet of office space. A worry for another day.
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