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It Happened One Weekend: More Manhattan House Problems, The $65 Million Pied-a-Terre, More!

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1) On East 66th Street, Manhattan House?the biggest. condo. conversion. ever.?is stirring up more controversy. Long-term renters in the five-building complex (right), who have long complained about bullying tactics say they are considering going to court again over damages they say were deliberately done by the House's owners to drive them out. Superbroker/sales rep Dolly Lenz is unfazed: "It is the tenant-owner thing that always happens in a conversion." [Big Deal/'A Good Example as a Neighbor?']

2) Josh Barbanel has new details about the current "most expensive apartment in New York," an 8,300-square-foot behemoth near the top of the Time Warner Center's south tower listed for $65 million, or more than $7,850 a square foot. The 5BR spread is owned by the founder the Andlinger & Company international investment firm, and he is selling because the Mrs. Andlinger "moved to New York City temporarily due to the special education needs of her children." Translation: we swear this is not a distress sale. [Big Deal/'Sky-High Loses Altitude']

3) Project Runway Season 2 runner-up Daniel Vosovic lives in a duplex rental on Attorney Street with five bedrooms and four roommates. They pay $4,975 per month, which sounds like a decent deal for a 5BR rental on the Lower East Side, even if we're talkin' Attorney Street. [Habitats/'Home, Hangout, Departure Lounge']

4) Some preservation groups want all of West End Avenue to be designated a historic district, but does Christopher Gray?grand master of the city's architectural history?agree? "Does West End itself rise to historic-district quality? On the East Side, the certifiably famous Park Avenue has been included in historic districts only incidentally, and most of its length above 78th Street is unregulated." Uh, we'll take that as a "no." [Streetscapes/West End Avenue]

5) A Hell's Kitchen couple with a new baby and a $500,000 budget goes looking for an open apartment that's biggish and baby friendly. The budget is strict, and they wind up at Harlem's Delany Lofts. You know the one. How's West 115th Street treating them? "There is not a single business. The streets feel wider. There is an openness to it." [The Hunt/'A Picture-Perfect Place']

6) Times real estate writer Teri Karush Rogers didn't want her Upper West Side co-op to replace the building's crappy old elevator, and then when they did?and her ninth-floor apartment became a walk-up for two months?she didn't get mad, she got even. In a, "I'm going to write about this in the New York Times" kind of way. Also: she got a puppy. ['Our Summer of Stairs']