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Stink in the Air, Dirt in the Water: Saga of 200 Chambers Continued

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While residents at new luxury condo building 200 Chambers Street argue about whether or not steak fumes are ruining their quality of life, a new crisis has come to light: The brown tap water that has been plaguing the East Side (and has provided Lux Living with weeks of material and gross bathtub pictures), has come to Tribeca. Repeat: Has come to Tribeca. A 200 Chambers resident passes along this latest memo circulating in the building:

Please find attached a service advisory from the Department of Environmental Protection¹s website, which mentions that the discoloration in the New York City water supply is due to the reactivation of their Croton water supply system. It is not a building-wide issue, but rather a City-wide issue. Parts of Manhattan and the Bronx have experienced discolored water for approximately 1 month. Regarding the water test that was conducted, we are still waiting for the
results. We were told that the water test would take approximately two
weeks to process. Once the results are received, we will disseminate them
to you. In addition, we continue to investigate any remedies we can

initiate as a building.And here we thought Tribeca's water supply was piped in direct from the Pellegrino factory! Anyway, we're not sure if Patrick Stewart is living in the apartment he purchased in the building, but if he is, we will say this: nobody messes with Professor X's H2O. DEP employees can expect some sort of telepathic beatdown any second.
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200 Chambers Street

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