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Promising New Brooklyn Blog: Fucked in Park Slope

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It was inevitable we'd make a beeline for this one the moment we found out that the brand new blog Fucked in Park Slope (Embrace the Hate) existed. And, here we are. Posts so far include all that stuff about the Park Slope Facebook Page, something about somebody who threw a really loud party in Prospect Heights on Saturday and thanks the neighbors for not calling the cops, an item about Top Model Naima working at Coca Bar and something about Adrian Grenier joining the Park Slope Food Coop. Many are culled from items posts at Brooklynian, Daily Slope and other sources. Our fave is the one comparing Paris Hilton and Park Slope:

Park Slope = Paris Hilton. I've been thinking about this for awhile, and as per u, I'm pretty sure that I'm right the fuck on with this one. Here's why: *Everyone claims to hate Paris Hilton, yet she's *always* being talked about - Same fucking thing with PS. Everyone hates Park Slope. Srsly. Try googling "Park Slope sucks" and then cancel your appts for the rest of the day l00zer, cause ur gonna have pages and pages of crap to sift through on the interwebs: Park Slope Food Co-op hippies this...Babies in bars! that. And yet, Park Slope has its own category on virtually all of the major nyc snark blogs: Gawker, Curbed, NY Magazine. People c-a-n-n-o-t stop talking about it. Shit that was one of the *main* reasons we started this motherfucker in the first place! We knew that the mere inclusion of PS in our blog title was pretty much the equivalent of $78.50 in internet currency (I mean, your ass is here right now, sooo....). *Paris Hilton allegedly represents everything we're supposed to hate about celebrity and fame, and yet we love those very same things in virtually every other celeb but her - Ok, so let's break this shit down: Paris is hot? Check. Great bod? Check. Dumb? Check. Rich? Check. Well connected? Check. Been in trouble with the law? Check. Bad actress? Check Ok, good. We've just described virtually everyone in Hollywood. Moving on to Park Slope: Beautiful? Check. Good schools? Check. Variety of restaurants and shopping? Check. Tight community? Check. Parks, Trees, green shit? Check. Check. Check. Wow, sounds like an absolutely fucking horrendous neighborhood to live in. You should all feel so friggin bad for us. It's totally obvs. why everyone hates Park Slope.

We're feeling it.
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