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How Do You Get To Extell's Pit? Practice, Practice, Practice!

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Though it's not the most gripping of updates, Steve Cuozzo's bit on megadevloper Extell's huge empty pit on West 57th Street?across the street from Carnegie Hall?has us absolutely giddy:

At Gary Barnett's development site across from Carnegie Hall, his Extell just filed with the Buildings Dept. for "exploratory excavation to determine the depth, type and condition of foundations at adjacent buildings . . . in preparation of proposed new building." That building is supposed to be a hotel/condo of up to 50 stories, Barnett told us earlier this year.

We've been waiting to run that friggin' photo ever since we took it from inside the model unit in the Essex House seven months ago, we just needed one bit of news to finally get it off our hard drive. Thanks Steve Cuozzo for this Christmas miracle!
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Jumeirah Essex House

160 Central Park South, New York, NY 10019