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On the Racked: Macy's Holiday Reveal, Le Sportsac Expands, Store Closing Hoaxes, More

And now the latest from Racked, covering shopping and retail from the sidewalks up.

1) Herald Square: Yes, it's that time. There is a photo gallery of the Macy's Christmas window reveal. Joy to the world. Etc.

2) Soho: Le Sportsac has bagged some new space and moved from 176 Spring Street to a brand new, two-level LeSportsac store opening 118 Greene Street.

3) Everywhere: There's been a hoax email making the rounds warning people not buy gift cards from certain stores like Circuit City, Ann Taylor and Foot Locker because they're purportedly closing. Some of the info is useful, but some is simply BS.

4) Williamsburg: Last night, the mysterious event-planning group LVHRD ("Live Hard") hosted their fifth annual fashion duel in Williamsburg. Per Racked: "The theme this year: German one-hit-wonder Nena's apocalyptic protest song 99 Luftballoons. Accordingly, two sets of designers—Hannah Shaw, working with some friends, and the collective Love Brigade—were given 99 red balloons and instructed to make a dress that would bring about the end of the world. They had an hour in which to do it, and the entire process took place onstage." There's a huge photo gallery.