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Controversial Former Heavy Metal Building Approved

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Remember 360 Smith Street? The building originally designed by Robert Scarano that we dubbed the Heavy Metal Building because of its shiny design? Mr. Scarano was eventually booted from the job and replaced by Armand Quadrini of KSQ Architects and the building was named Oliver House, but it was stopped when a zoning amendment cut the height of buildings that would have been allowed on the site from 70 to 55 feet. DOB stopped the work and the developer appealed. Moments ago, the obscure, but ever-powerful Board of Standards and Appeals, ruled in favor of the developer and said the building could go ahead as planned. Local blogger PMFA, who attended the hearing, bitterly writes:

After watching first hand the deliberations and favoritism at the Board Of Standards And Appeals, this city might as well save money by replacing them with a big rubber stamp. The Board Of Standards and Appeals voted today to grant Bill Stein, developer of Oliver House at 360 Smith/ 131 2nd Place, an exemption to the Carroll Gardens Zoning Text Amendment.And so, assuming the financing doesn't tank and the apartments can be sold, Carroll Gardens will have to deal with the extra 15 feet.
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360 Smith Street

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