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Curbed PriceChopper: Soho Penthouse Drops Over 50%

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Was: $12,500,000
Now: $5,900,000
You Save!: $6,600,000

Back when we were doing some PriceChopper soul searching, some readers suggested that the term only be reserved for the biggest of cuts. This one certainly fits the bill. Listed exactly one year ago for $12.5 million, this duplex penthouse at charming 43 Wooster Street has suffered five sizable chops since, per StreetEasy, including two reductions last week that brought the price to $6.995 million, and then this final resting place. According to property records, this 2,600-square-foot 2BR apartment, one of two penthouses in the seven-story building, was purchased for $4.171 million in 2006. The listing mentions that the "impeccably renovated" unit has two skylights, a wood-burning Travertine fireplace and a private terrace. All nice things to have, so why the fire sale? ("All furnishings available with purchase.") Well, this is Soho, so let's bring in the art market for questioning.
· Listing: 43 Wooster Street #PHE [Elliman]