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City Still Trying to Turn Bronx Crap Heap into Golf Course

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Maybe the second attempt at turning a former landfill into "a lavish golf course" at Ferry Point in the Bronx will be the charm. Yesterday, potential developers were touring the site so they can submit bids for work tht might get underway by May 2009. If any of this rings a vague bell, it's because Rudy Giuliani awarded a contract to a developer who promised to have the golf course open in 2001. Potential developers toured Ferry Point last week to tee up the city's second try at turning the former landfill into a lavish golf course. The first attempt that resulted in nothing cost $15 million. The actual course could cost $60 million. This is not to be confused with the mess in Marine Park in Brooklyn. That's a different scandal. Fore! [NYDN]