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STINKER: 200 Chambers in Meaty 'Odor Migration' Mess

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In the relatively brief period that it has been occupied, the sold-out luxury Tribeca condo building 200 Chambers has shown a real knack for making interesting headlines. Already, residents have complained about a serious ventilation problem that spread secondhand smoke throughout the building, and a pajama-clad super chased down a burglar in the building before being misidentified as the one doing the burgling. Last Friday, The Palm opened a fourth New York location in the building, and for residents, the thrill of yet another upscale steakhouse in the Tribeca/FiDi area was quickly replaced with an olfactory overload of meaty proportions. From a memo sent to 200 Chambers residents:

Many of you are aware that The Palm restaurant officially opened last Friday and that cooking and other odors from the restaurant have been leaking into our lobby and into common hallways in the building throughout the weekend. Board members and the Building's managers met with a team of engineers and other construction experts this morning, and they are investigating the possible source or sources of the odor migration in order to fix the problem. We expect to receive a status report late today. To put this in context, as you know, for some time, the Condo's engineer and architect have been working on the odor migration issues in the building, which have proven to be quite complex. The odors from the restaurant may or may not be part of the same problems. If they are, then hopefully the same solutions will address all of the odor issues, including the ones from the restaurant. Events this weekend have obviously put this situation at the top of the priority list. We wish we could promise you that this problem will be solved in 24 hours, but that's probably unrealistic. Be assured, however, that this will be pursued diligently and urgently. The Board and the Management Company are now fully aware of the problem. Thank you for your patience.

A 200 Chambers tipster chimes in, telling Curbed, "I should note I have not smelled it that I know of, but it may just be that its covered by the smells of all the other apts cooking that leaks into the hallway. I can say I noticed a doughy smell one day but it could have been a dirty rag too." Meanwhile, 20 apartments in the 200+ unit building are currently on the resale market. Sensitive noses: you have been warned.
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200 Chambers Street

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