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Thanksgiving Week Joy: Food Pantries Screwed by Downturn

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Well, here's some uplifiting (and not unexpected) news in today's Daily News: "More New Yorkers are hitting soup kitchens and food pantries this year, but the cash-starved centers can't keep pace with the growing demand, a new hunger survey says." Per a survey being released today, emergency food providers served 28 percent more people this year. This increase is on top of a 20 percent rise from 2006-2007. The New York Coalition Against Hunger says (big surprise) that more government money is needed and that 69 percent of food pantries and kitchens report they don't have enough supplies to fee all he hungry. Also, donations are down. The biggest increase in demand has been in the Bronx with Brooklyn and State Island coming in second and third. There's also a story in today's News about the Salt and Sea Mission in Coney Island that is completely out of food and is turning away people. (86 percent of the food pantries in Brooklyn are feeding more people today than a year ago. In Greenpoint, one local pantry is almost out of food for Thanksgiving and also hosting and art exhibit showing some of the people they feed. The biggest growth has been in senior citizens and the working poor.
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