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Ace Hotel Wants To Be Your Crash Pad

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Though it's debuting at a slightly awkward time for the Manhattan hotel market, the Ace Hotel should still make a splash when it throws open its doors (reservations are being accepted on its website for dates starting in March). We've already covered the interesting angles at play: the conversion of the downtrodden landmark Breslin Hotel at the hands of design firm Roman & Williams, the ornery SRO tenants still kicking around, the attempt to hipsterfy Broadway in the high 20's?not quite Downtown, not quite anything. Now, W magazine reports on the ambitious hotel, and on its Editors' Blog, they provide photos of the model room that we had only seen sketched. The Ace team has often said they want the hotel's rooms (there are band-friendly bunk beds available!) to feel like guests are staying at a friend's apartment?a shabby-chic vibe with cool touches like record players and SMEG fridges. Did they pull it off? Well, Down By the Hipster has the room rates if you need a closer look.
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