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WTC Special Report #3: Inside the Bathtub

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Moving right along from our look at the WTC Freedom Tower and Transpo Hub, Curbed's recon team descended into The Bathtub for an on-site progress check. More constructoporn galore!

Is it too much to ask that the WTC memorial -- or "The Bathtub" in current construction site parlance -- be finished in time for the tenth anniversary of September 11th? No it is not, say those who lobbied for the memorial's timely completion; initially projected for 2013-2014, the Port Authority swears that the Memorial Plaza will be 100% complete in time for the anniversary. Expect to see a reveal of Snohetta architects' Craig Dykers' downsized National September 11 Memorial & Museum in mid-2013. While the Port Authority's report is quick to note that the city is not, in fact, steering budgetary measures for Memorial Plaza, it is equally quick to blame the site for slapping on an extra $75 million in expedited building costs for the transportation hub. Come along for a dip -- hard hats required.
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