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CurbedWire: Thanksgiving Football Plans on Lipsenard St., Canadian Real Estate Scam Coming to a Listing Near You?

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TRIBECA?There is a Thanksgiving mystery on Lispenard Street: "I woke up to see the view out of my window looking like a Thanksgiving College football play diagram. Does this mean there will be jackhammering and metal plates for weeks? OH...NO ! 42....... 37...... 5...... pumpkin pie...... HIKE !!!" [CurbedWire Inbox]

CALGARY...AND ELSEWHERE??An interesting email drops into the inbox about some listings chicanery our tipster says is going on in Canada: "Friend up in Calgary was just telling me about the scam realtors are using to delay/thwart price discover up there by gaming the MLS system. Essentially after the property has been pricechopped a dozen times, the day before they're about to delist the property, they jack the price up at/above the original listing price, which erases all of the earlier price chops in MLS, apparently. I dunno about in the US, but i'm sure such or at least similar (if not worse) unscrupulous tactics are being employed by NAR (etc) to delay the inevitable pain. I'm sure you guys know, but this shit show is going to get a whole lot shittier." [CurbedWire Inbox]