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Buckethead Speaks

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Developer Kent Swig, on an epic run of bad publicity, sits down with the Observer for what he probably thought would be an air-clearing puff piece, but is mostly just a play-by-play of recent failures mixed with quotes from people trashing him. Happy Thanksgiving! He had this to say about Curbed legend Sheffield57 and its litigious rent-stabilized tenants: "I said, 'What will happen is this. We’re going to do construction. And anytime you do construction, it’s an inconvenience. When we're done with construction, you guys [will] have hit the jackpot. Because you’re going to be in one of the most luxurious buildings, with the most luxurious services.' ? The problem is they didn't believe me. They thought if they were really difficult, created a big, big problem, we’d buy them out." It's not that they didn't believe him, it's that they couldn't hear him. [NYO]