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Will People Pay More to Live in Brooklyn Than Manhattan?

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File this under stories that make one scratch one's head and say 'huh'? According to a story in todays News, that relies on data from Streeteasy (IE, be slightly skeptical), "Many neighborhoods in Brooklyn are now more expensive to live in than Manhattan neighborhoods." Come again? For real? Well, per Streeteasy October data:

The median rental prices in DUMBO, Park Slope and Fort Greene were higher than those in the East Village, Lower East Side, Upper East Side, Midtown East and Murray Hill. The median sales prices in Brooklyn's Fulton Ferry and DUMBO neighborhoods were higher than those in Midtown East, the East Village, Murray Hill and the Lower East SideOMFG. So what are people doing in Park Freaking Slope? Per a dude from Manhattan Apartments Inc.: "There are definitely situations where you can get better deals in Manhattan than in Brooklyn. Brooklyn Heights and Williamsburg can be especially pricey." We go to the numbers, which show that the median rental listing price for a one-bedroom in Brooklyn Heights is $2,180. In the Upper East Side, it's only $1,950 and on the Lower East Side, it's $2,085. For a 2 BR rental, a Brooklyn Heights apartment will run $4,400 whereas one on the UWS will be $4,200 one on the LES will be $2,887. So, like, assuming the numbers are accurate, when does the market, uh, correct itself?
· Prices in some Brooklyn neighborhoods have outpaced Manhattan [NYDN]