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Tenants Stick It To Landlord on East Village Tumor Buildings

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The Post follows up yesterday's CurbedWire report on a fairly surprising Board of Standards and Appeals ruling, which decreed that one-story additions to a pair of East Village tenements are illegal and should be removed. The buildings involved are the five-story (now six!) tenements at 515 East 5th Street (right) and 514-516 East 6th Street, where the rooftop addition is still under construction. Fun fact: our old friend Ben Shaoul and his Magnum Management is behind the enlargements, which were approved by the Buildings Department but have been found to skirt certain fire and safety regulations. The Post reports that the top floor at 515 East 5th Street has been "occupied for two years by four tenants, each paying about $3,000 a month in rent." Tenants led the charge on this case, and their separate challenge that the new floors violate zoning is also winding its way through the courts. The matter is now back in the hands of a red-faced DOB, which could require the removal of the additions.
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