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Week in Review: WTC Special Report, Crazy Coney & More!

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And, now, before you settle into your Saturday routine, here are a few of our favorite posts from Curbed during this past week.

1) FiDi: Field trip! Curbed descended deep into the bowels of the World Trade Center site for a four-part Special Report.

2) Coney Island: How many totally played-out references to hallucinogenics, alcohol, and/or the Grateful Dead can one make to the Municipal Art Society's Imagine Coney project? Not enough.

3) Williamsburg: Achtung! Step off, European colonizers: Williamsburg is for hipsters only. Ethnicity-free hipsters.

4) Park Slope: New Brooklyn blog alert: Fucked in Park Slope. RumorWire: ZOMFG Adrian Grenier joined Park Slope Food Coop!!!! (Related: Will people pay more to live in Brooklyn than Manhattan?)

5) Tribeca: What's that smell? Secondhand smoke, charred meat, sullied water -- someone ship a case or 12 of Febreeze to 200 Chambers Street, stat.