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CurbedWire: Smart Car Sells Out in FiDi, New Site Wants Coney Ideas

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FiDi?It is almost impossible to understand the state of deep emotional distress caused by this photo of a capitalist, corporate, consumer-mongering smart car selling its soul on William Street caused us. Gentrification? This one rips out the soul. The horror. [CurbedWire Inbox]

Coney Island?Got ideas for what should be done with Coney Island (besides turning it into the world's biggest school bus parking lot)? Well, here's your chance. The Municipal Art Society, which is trying to come up with some ideas for the future of Coney has set up a brand new website and is inviting suggestions. Deadline for submissions is December 15, but the deadline for ones that might be taken seriously is November 17. (Mysterious, things, these high-end design efforts.) It's all part of the Imagine Coney effort that was launched last week, and attended by every significant Coney Island player except Thor Equities. [CurbedWire Inbox]