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Park Slope Loves Obama, Except for Two McCain Voters

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In case you haven't heard, all of Brooklyn, and especially Park Slope is pretty crazy about this Barack Obama dude and less than crazy about that McCain person, although it sure looked like half the hipster females in the borough were dressed up like Sarah Palin on Halloween. "There's a plausible sense among young people in Babylon Brooklyn that the democratic process has eroded to the point where a stolen election would come as no surprise, though a disputed election would garner far more scrutiny now than in previous years." Babylon Brooklyn? WTF? If the McCain dude wins tomorrow, all of Park Slope is being put on suicide watch. We hear that emergency stockpiles of Proazac buried deep beneath the Adirondacks in late November 2000 are ready to be dispatched in convoys as soon as Marty Markowitz presses the button. [TRE]